This topic was very detailed examined in one of the articles in section "Publication". Here Ill note only most prominent aspects. Fairly, if personnel agencies were "unnecessary" in the personnel market, their number wouldnt grow in such rates which we observe. Consequently, if there is a need for their services, they cannot be "unnecessary" any more. Secondly, it is necessary to distinguish " agencies on selection of the personnel " and " agencies on employment ". They both call themselves personnel agencies, but work in perfect opposite directions. For the first, customers of services on selection are employers (for them search, selection and an initial estimation of candidates on concrete vacancies is carried out, and with the employer all the further calculations in case of successful closing vacancy are conducted). For the second, competitors who "pay" for entering their resume in base, for the publication of the resume in the open sources, for dispatch of the resume and other services are customers. Therefore addressing in personnel agency, it is important to competitor to know, under what scheme this agency works, and on no account not to hurry up to give the money for suspicious services of doubtful quality.

The third moment which it would be desirable to pay attention to, - personnel agencies (here and later Ill mean exactly agencies on selection of the personnel) ALWAYS work with really existing vacancies in really existing companies. So, coming in personnel agency, you avoid risk to get in " a financial pyramid ", to fall a victim "", to become the involuntary participant of " network pyramids " and other troubles which trap unskilled competitors in the personnel market.

Further, having proved at dialogue with personnel agency, youll be considered as the potential candidate, not for one, but several vacancies opened at present - in 80 % of cases. You only need to choose the most interesting positions from the offered variants, and to support recommendations of agency with personal contact with the employer. So you receive some more "spare" variants of employment, not spending time for searching of vacancies, information about companies, a correcting of the resume, drawing up of the covering letter, correspondence and telephone conversations with a staff department concerning suitability of your resume, etc.

Well and the last moment which it would be desirable to pay attention in this section to, is that aspiration of some candidates " to get at once on interview to the employer and obligatory directly to the general director " at skilled personnel officers (and not only) causes a smile and bewilderment, and shows only the absence of life experience at such candidate. Believe, general directors have other problems. And function of selection of the personnel is delegated to personnel officers and to personnel agencies is not for no particular reason, but in connection with direct necessity. (more detailed this thopic is considered in section of the Publication).

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