-What is the difference between your recruitment agencys activity and a set of other agencies which are more than a thousand in Moscow now?

- The main principle of our commands work is - "The quality is important, not the quantity". We dont have a lot of clients now, - but ALL OF THEM are satisfied with the work of our agency, and have closed far more than one complex vacancy. Our base isnt overfull with millions and billions of "the best resumes" (what many agencies like to brag about), - but base updating is NOT an end in itself for us. Our database is dynamical, active and actual. I consider, that these are more important factors, than quantity indicators.

Our company exists in the market not so long, its true, but in this time we have reached serious results which we can be proud of.

- Its not a secret that there is a certain share of candidates which negatively concern to recruitment agencies, considering their activity "unnecessary" in relations "the employer - the candidate". Some people prefer to work directly with the employer.

- This topic was thoroughly examined in one of the articles in section "Publication". Here Ill note only most important aspects. First of all, if recruitment agencies were "unnecessary" in the market, their number wouldnt grow in such rates. So, if there is a need for their services, they cannot be "unnecessary" any more. Secondly, it is necessary to differentiate "reqruitment agencies" from "agencies on employment". They both call themselves recruitment agencies, but work in perfect opposite directions. For the first, services customers are employers (for them search, selection and an initial estimation of candidates on concrete vacancies is carried out, and with the employer all the further calculations in are conducted). For the second, competitors are customers. They "pay" for entering their resume in base, for the publication of the resume in open sources, for dispatch of the resume and other services. That is why addressing to a recruitment agency, it is important to know, under what scheme this agency works and not to hurry up to give the money for doubtful quality. The third moment which it would be desirable to pay attention to - recruitment agencies work ALWAYS with really existing vacancies in really existing companies. So, coming in recruitment agency, you avoid risk to get in "a financial pyramid", to fall a victim of "cheaters", to become the involuntary participant of "network pyramids" and other troubles which trap unskilled competitors in the personnel market.

Further, having proved yourself at the recruitment agency, youll be considered as the potential candidate, not for one, but several vacancies opened at present - in 80 % of cases. All you need, is to choose the most interesting positions from the offered variants, and to support agency recommendations with personal contact to the employer. So, you get some more "spare" variants of employment, not spending time on searching for vacancies and information about companies, correcting your resume, writing covering letters, correspondence and telephone conversations with a staff department concerning your resume suitability, etc.

Well, and the last moment which it would be desirable to pay attention in this section to, is that aspiration of some candidates "to get at once on interview to the employer and obligatory directly to the general director" causes a smile and bewilderment, and shows such candidates absence of life experience. Believe, general directors have other problems. And function of selection is given to personnel officers and to recruitment agencies because of direct necessity (more detailed this topic is considered in section of Publication).

- What competitors should be afraid of while searching for work? How to avoid a meeting with the unfair employer and not to fall a victim of cheating?

- First of all, examining vacancy announcements, it is necessary to pay attention to the completeness of the published information. As a rule, a serious vacancy includes at least 3 sections: requirements to candidates, duties and work conditions. The information in these sections should be precise and clear. Formulations like "young vigorous men for interesting and perspective work are required" - should guard.

Then, communicating with the potential employer by phone, do not hesitate to ask questions concerning forthcoming duties, specify requirements to candidates, and conditions. If on greater part of your questions you receive answers like "come on interview, and here well personally discuss it with you" or "your questions are necessary to discuss personally, it not a subject for telephone conversation" that is most likely, you talk either to the swindler, or the representative of a network pyramid. The diligent employer wont lure you to personal meeting. He simply does not have time to invite and interview all candidates. On the contrary, he will try to estimate (or even "filter") by means of detailed telephone interview your potential suitability under this or that vacancy.

The following stage. Having gone to the employer on interview and having received the information about him spend some time for looking for the information about him in the Internet. There are "black lists" of employers where it is possible to find interesting facts. But processing such information - it is necessary to pay attention, to certain objective facts and not to be affected to the emotional influence of "black PR".

- What would you recommend people searching for work at present moment?

- First of all, you should search and select the future place of work responsibly. And to be ready that work search demands time and efforts as well. The more actively you place the resume and go on interviews the more probability of that you will find the worthy employer who will approach you.

The second important point which it would be desirable to pay attention of all competitors to: refusal of the employer should not be considered as the diagnosis or a verdict. There are no ideal employers as well as there are no ideal candidates. There are no bad competitors as well as there are no bad vacancies. But there are suitable candidates, and suitable vacancies. If vacancy has not approached you on any parameters, or on the contrary you have not met any requirements of a position - it isnt simply what is necessary for you. The meeting with the suitable employer is still ahead.

Success All of you!

Questions were answered by Sukhanova G.N.,
The Director on development of the company "Kadrovy Kapital".

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