Mitina J., the Head of Sales Department in a Russian-Finnish dealer company working with the largest foreign machinery filter producers:
We are completely satisfied with the work of "Kadrovy Kapital". We began to cooperate with this recruiting agency two years ago and since then all of our personnel has been selected by their specialists. They have made a great contribution for our company in terms of finding the right specialists for us, which has played an important role in helping our company to gain the leading position on the market.
Special thanks to Shpakova M. and Tiniakova S. – they can quickly understand the company’s requirements for a specific position and can choose exactly the right candidate for the interview.
The successful cooperation with "Kadrovy Kapital" has also resulted in considering it a primary recruiting agency for our office in Saint-Petersburg.
I hope that we will continue this effective cooperation in the future.

Krepish-Sakovich E., job applicant:
Great thanks to “Kadrovy Kapital”, especially to Shpakova Maria for active assistance in job searching!
I want to point out not only manager’s professionalism, but warm, friendly atmosphere, which is felt during the interview!
This very atmosphere makes you feel comfortable and helps both recruitmenter and candidate  be fully open.
I wish dynamic growth, success and luck to “Kadrovy Kapital”!

Nesterova Е.V., the Head of HR Department, the company - the leading distributor of materials and equipment for painting and abrasion of surfaces in Russia:
On behalf of our company I express gratitude to "Kadrovy Kapital" for longstanding effective cooperation and high quality of service.
The company has a professional approach to different task, flexibility and operative reaction to customer’s needs. People who really know their business, talented, keen and cheerful, with whom it is always pleasant to communicate work there. Especially I would like to point out Sukhanova Guly and Milovanova Olga’s work.
Employees whom came to us, owing to "Kadrovy Kapital" (top managers and highly tailored experts), successfully work in the company, being respected and appreciated for high professionalism and human qualities.
We value cooperation with the company "Kadrovy Kapital" very much and recommend it as an excellent business partner.

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